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Simple tips to avoid many breakdowns and returns :

The great majority of returns to Customer Service could be very easily avoided with basic information and a few simple steps :

1 - Firstly, at the time of purchase, the retailer should take as much time as needed to show and explain to the customer how to properly use and take care of their new Softair! As we know, most consumers are so excited about using their new gun that they don't always take the time to read the instructions !

2 - Giving explanations upon sale of the product never wastes time but in fact saves time later on. The consumer who gets no explanations at purchase time is more likely to come back rapidly to the store after mishandling the product and jamming or even damaging the gun. A thorough explanation of the product can also remind the customer about handy accessories. For example, a demonstration of how to load the magazine, may show the usefulness of a BB loading bottle or mini-loader. Similarly, by learning about maintenance with a suitable silicon oil, the consumer can extend the life of his or her Softair, and even increase its power! This type of explanation genuinely interests consumers, who learn that we provide a simple and reliable cleaning solution, unlike unsuitable springs that can even invalidate the product's guarantee !

3 - When a customer returns a Softair to the retailer it is worthwhile for the latter to briefly examine the gun and ask the user a few questions before sending the product to CYBERGUN Customer Service. First ask if the Softair has been used under normal conditions and if it has been properly maintained. For gas models, as what type of gas has been used and at what ambient temperature. Also make sure that the safety catch hasn't been left on. For electric models, check battery condition.

4 - Finally, for all products, determine what sort of ammo has been used to see whether or not the guarantee is applicable !
Most failures are due to BBs jammed in the barrel, so it is worthwhile knowing how to disassemble the mist common models, which in fact is generally very simple. A great number of returns is due to misunderstanding of proper use or failures due to simple errors like dead batteries, lack of power due to a poor maintenance, safety catch left on or lack of BBs in the magazine.

Virtually all of these returns can be avoided if the consumer is given and follows simple advice. This would avoid wasting time and money, especially for the consumer.




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